Travel Security package  – Provided by Guard Street

Members have access to the Travel Security package from Guard Street. This package features a Personal VPN, Secure Email Account and a Secure Data Vault. When you book a trip, you can rest assured that your valuable information can be accessed securely and with ease!

Included in the Travel Security package:

  Personal VPN:
Whether at home or away, members can turn on the Secure Web Access Tool and keep their credit card numbers, bank account numbers and passcodes along with the websites that they visit secure from others. Members can use public Wi-Fi securely, surf sites discreetly and be safe from hackers and identity thieves.

  Secure Email Address:
Members will receive a secure email account to use any time they need to email important documents or as their primary email account. Emails are safely stored on secure servers, where they are safe from hackers and identity thieves.

  Secure Digital Vault:
Members can securely store, share and access their important documents while traveling or at home. These include medical records, legal documents like social security card copies, passwords, account numbers, itineraries, passports, visas, photos and more.

How to Access:

First Time Setup:
● Step 1: Call Guardstreet Customer Service at 1-844-263-0449
● Step 2: Provide your Member ID, Name, and street address to get a temporary
username and password to log in to your account.
● Step 3: Update the information with your preferred email and password.
● Step 4. Log in to using your updated email and password to
verify the account and you are all set!

How to use the service:
● Step 1: Log in to your Guardstreet account.
● Step 2: Just click and follow the simple instructions to access or download the tools.

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