24/7 Doctor Access – Provided by DialCare

DialCare Physician Access is a modern, easy-to-use telemedicine solution for non-emergency illnesses and general care. You and your family have direct access to state-licensed and fully credentialed doctors, via phone or video consultations, to receive treatment and advice for common ailments, including colds, the flu, rashes and more. Doctors are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, allowing you and your family convenient access to quality care from home, work or on the go. When medically appropriate, a DialCare doctor may prescribe a short term, non-DEA controlled medication that you can pick up at the pharmacy of your choice.

Use DialCare:

  If you cannot reach your primary care physician
  As a higher-quality, lower cost alternative to walk-in clinics
  If you need a short-term prescription refill
  If you have young children and are unable to see a doctor
  If it’s after your doctor’s normal business hours
  When you’re on vacation or traveling away from home
  If you have a specific health-related question
  If you’re not sure you need to go to an urgent care center or ER
  If you cannot afford to take time off of work

Through consultation with licensed physicians, you can receive on-demand professional guidance for non emergency medical conditions such as:

Cold & Flu


Small Wound
Sinus conditions
Urinary Tract Infection

Acid Reflux

Skin Inflammations
Sore Throat
Sports Injuries
Joint Aches & Pains
Pink Eye
Minor Pediatric Ailments

Yeast infection

How to Setup and start using MyTelemedicine:

First time Setup
Step 1:

To register, follow the link you received in the confirmation email, download the DialCare mobile app or visit www.activateSMB.com. If you’re having problems registering, you can call DialCare at (855) 335-2255 for assistance.

Step 2:
Members will fill out their Medical Profile by logging into their member portal or over the phone.

Step 3:
Once registered, you can log in at member.dialcare.com or through the mobile app to begin requesting consults and to update your medical history. You can also call us at (855) 335-2255

To Request Doctor Consultations:
You can log in at member.dialcare.com or through the mobile app to begin requesting consults and to update your medical history. You can also call (855) 335-2255

Disclaimer: *MyTelemedicine does not guarantee that a prescription will be written. MyTelemedicine does not prescribe DEA controlled substances, lifestyle drugs and certain other drugs which may be harmful because of their potential for abuse. MyTelemedicine physicians reserve the right to deny care for potential misuse of services. Please visit www.careington.com/mytelemedicine for a complete list of state availability.

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